EPayment of Excise and Service Tax

The application for making EPayment of Excise / Service tax has been changed.

The customers should ensure that they possess Internet Banking user id, SignOn and Transaction passwords. Also they should ensure that the SignOn and Transaction passwords as received from the Bank are changed to the passwords of their choice by logging in first to Internet Banking application of the Bank.

The transaction would be done from NSDLweb site and Customers will be requiring SignOn password and Transaction passwords. The SignOn password should be used for Login to Dena Bank Internet Banking system from NSDL web site and transaction password should be used after entering the transaction details.

Click here for Excise / Service Tax Payment - NSDL

Dena Bank offers its customers the facility of making E-Payment of Excise / Service Tax. This facility can be availed of by customers of any Centralized Banking branch of Dena Bank. The customers wishing to pay Excise or Service tax should possess a valid Assessee code registered with the Central Board of Excise & Customs. The customer should have Dena Banks' Internet Banking User Id and Sign On as well as Transaction passwords. E-Payment of Excise / Service tax can be made at any time of day.

Procedure for Excise / Service Tax E-Payment

The customers wishing to make Excise / Service Tax E-Payment should avail of Internet Banking User Id and passwords. When the Internet Banking user Id and password are received, the customers should change their Sign On as well as Transaction passwords.

Steps to be followed by the Tax payers for making the E-payment of Excise & Service tax:

1. Visit the Dena Bank website i.e. www.denabank.com.

2. Select the Link for E-Payment of Indirect taxes. The transaction will be redirected to NSDL web site

3. A page to enter Tax details in the NSDL web site is displayed.

4. Here, enter their Assessee code and the Accounting sub codes.

5. Select the Bank name as Dena Bank. Then click on Submit button.

6. On this the data is validated and a Confirmation Data page is displayed.

7. Verify the data in the confirmation page and click on 'Submit to the Bank' button.

8. Transaction will redirected to Dena Bank Internet Banking application for Excise & Service tax.

9. Then, enter the Internet Banking user id and sign on password.

10. If the id is authenticated, then the tax details data entered in NSDL web site will be fetched by the Dena Bank application. The Amount details must be entered by the taxpayer. Click on 'Pay' button.

11. Enter the Internet Banking user id and Transaction password for authentication.

12. On authentication, the tax amount will be debited from the customer account. A message 'Tax Payment successful' is displayed on the Top and a customer counterfoil is generated which can be printed or Saved for record.

13. If your customer counterfoil is misplaced, you can contact the Nodal branch for a duplicate copy. The contact details are as follows:

Excise E-PaymentService tax E-Payment
Dena Bank ,
Nungambakkam branch,
Hotel Ganpat Building
103, MG Road, Nungambakkam,
Chennai 600034,
Email :-nungam@denabank.co.in
Dena Bank
Share Bazaar branch,
31,33 Hamam Street, Fort
Mumbai 400001
Email :- shareb@denabank.co.in

For any other queries you can contact

Government Business Department
022 - 22690191 - 197 (7 Lines)

Email :- gbd@denabank.co.in