Implementation of DBT / DBTL



Bank has been implementing Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme (DBT) in 121 districts and Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme for LPG beneficiaries (DBTL) in 295 Districts through its Branches and Business Correspondents.


In this regard, various components are as under:


(i) Opening of Accounts:

Bank will open accounts of DBT beneficiaries, as and when the list of beneficiaries is received from the concerned authorities, after completing the formalities.


Bank will also open accounts of DBTL beneficiaries, as and when approached by the LPG consumers, after completing the formalities.


Aadhar letter / Aadhaar Card (apart from other documents) is treated as a Proof of Identity (PoI) and Proof of Address (PoA).However, in case of PoA, Bank has to ensure the current address of the beneficiary.


(ii) Aadhaar Seeding:


Aadhaar numbers are seeded by Bank for all the customers having Aadhaar number, as and when they approach the Bank through following mode:


(a) Directly approaching the branches by the customers

(b) Through ATMs

(c) Through Internet Banking

(d) Through SMS