Builders & Developers


Scheme for financing Builders & Developers


Scope of Scheme

For constructing residential complexes and residential cum commercial complexes only

Constitution/ Eligible borrower


q Corporate Entity


q Approval from NBCC/HUDCO in cases where borrower undertakes their project work.


q The borrower should have technical competence/employed professionally qualified persons.


q The borrower should engage reputed firms of Architects.


q The promoters should have proven track record and have successfully completed minimum 3 projects


q Only fresh proposal with exclusive banking.


q Minimum 20% of the project cost should be initially borne by the borrower and disbursement linked with the work in progress


q Finance is provided to private builders for meeting the resources gap, on commercial consideration


Quantum of assistance

Upto Rs.50 Crores

Project Cost Debt Equity Ratio

Total Debt Equity Ratio – Maximum 3:1, Long Term Debt Equity Ratio Maximum 1.5:1

Average DSCR 1.75 and above

Promoters’ Contribution

The contribution of core promoters by way of equity capital should be minimum 33%

Period of Loan

Generally Maximum 36 months

Collateral Security

As per bank’s policy from time to time