Premium Current Account Scheme

Minimum Balance:

Rs 5000/- to be maintained at any point of time

Monthly Average Balance: Rs. 1 Lac per month

1. Free of commission Demand Drafts/MT/Pay Orders up to an aggregate amount of Rs. 1.00 lac per month


Free collection of outstation cheques up to Rs. 50000/- per month on the centre where we have branches. Actual postage and out of pocket expenses shall be borne by the account holder. Where we have no branch, only our commission will be waived. The account holder has to bear the commission of the agent bank in addition to postage and out of pocket expenses.

The above facility is subject to a maximum of 10 DDs / MTs / Pay Orders/ Outstation cheques per month.

If the account holder maintains more than Rs. one lac balance in his account then the concessions will be increased proportionately in multiples of Rs. One Lac.

2. If the Minimum balance / Monthly average balance is not maintained penalty will be charged

The Scheme is optional.

For details please contact the nearest Branch