Online Term Deposits

On line creation of Term Deposits


Now you can open Term Deposit online and earn more interest in the surplus funds in your savings accounts :


Ø Individual customers who have registered for Internet Banking can open Term Deposits by logging through their Internet Banking user id and password.


Ø The following types of deposits can be opened online

a. Cumulative Plan – Samrudhi Deposit Scheme ( SDR )

b. Non Cumulative Plan – Fixed Deposit Scheme ( FDR )


Ø Deposit will be opened as per the existing details available with the Bank i.e. Name, constitution for the logged in customer

Ø System will not process the request, if account is Dormant / Inactive / Frozen or if there is no sufficient available balance in the account

Ø In respect of FDR, periodic interest earned on the deposit and the deposit amount ( on maturity ) will be automatically credited to the account from which the deposit is funded

Ø The maturity value of the deposit will be credited to the same account from which the is funded for cumulative deposit

Ø Customer has to deposit contact the account maintaining branch in person for Nominations / any updations in the personal data

Ø Date of Birth & PAN is mandatory and TDS will be deducted as per IT guidelines

Ø Depositor should submit form 15-G / 15-H to the branch where the deposit is maintained to avoid deduction of TDS on the interest amount earned on the deposit.  In case Form 15-G / 15-H is not submitted, the maturity value will be reduced to the extent of TDS applicable on the deposit as per extant guidelines

Ø Depositor should print / save cyber receipt generated after opening the deposit for record purposes

Ø Customer has to contact the account maintaining branch in person along with the cyber receipt for premature closure of the deposit.


There is no need for the customer to visit  the branch either for creation or closure of the term deposit.

It is convenient and easy to use with 24 * 7 availability.

For creation of Term Deposits on line, users have to select


Submit Requests

FD Account Opening

and fill up the relevant details and submit.  After successful creation, Cyber Receipt, with all the details about the term deposit, will be generated which can be printed / retained by the customer for record purposes.