Dena Senior Citizen Scheme

Dena Bank Senior Citizen's Scheme is open to individuals, who have completed 60 years of age.

The account can be opened in the sole name of the individual (with nomination facility) and/or in joint name. In case where joint account holder is a person below the age of 60 Years, the name of Senior Citizen to be given as first name in the application form.

The depositor can open Fixed Deposit (Dena Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit ) account where monthly /quarterly/ half yearly/yearly interest would be paid. The period of such deposit will be minimum 15 Days to maximum 10 years.

For cumulative deposit scheme, (Dena Senior Citizen Samruddhi Deposit) the period of deposit should be minimum 6 months to maximum 10 years.

Proof of Age.

At the time of opening of a new deposit account, Senior Citizens are required to provide any of the following documents as proof of age.

  • Secondary School leaving Certificate indicating date of birth.
  • LIC Policy.
    Voters Identity Card/ Ration Card.
    Pension Payment Order.
  • Birth Certificate issued by the competent authority.
  • Passport.
  • Driving Licence.
  • Superannuation / retirement certificate of Central/State Governments and Central/State Government Undertakings

Minimum Deposit Amount.

Minimum amount of deposit should be Rs. 1,000/- per deposit receipt and in multiple of Rs.1000/- with no maximum deposit ceiling.

Rate of Interest.

The scheme offers 0.50 % additional rate of interest over and above the normal rate of interest offered on Term Deposits.

Loan facility :Available – as per existing Loan Policy.

Other facilities :Under the Senior Citizen Deposit Scheme we provide the following additional facilities.

1. Free ATM Card facility if the customer is maintaining a SB A/c with the branch and free MBB facilities in SB/CA maintained by the customer if the branch is covered under MBB.

Further information required if any in this regard may be obtained by sending your e-mail at