Dena Recurring Deposit Scheme

Life Insurance cover available to the RD Account holders at a very low premium. In case of death of depositor, the nominee / legal heirs of the deceased depositor will be paid the sum assured + deposit proceeds kept in RD together with interest accrued. Nomination facility is available.

Dena Recurring Deposit Scheme enables the depositor to save in fixed monthly installments. One can choose different maturity plans depending o­n o­ne's saving goals desired.

By putting away o­nly a little amount every month, the depositor gets a tidy lump-sum amount of principal plus interest at the end of the chosen period. Minimum amount of monthly installment Rs.50/. Further amount in multiple of Rs. 5.

As the old adage goes " little drops of water, makes a mighty ocean". This scheme is ideally suited for young salaried people to inculcate a regular and compulsory saving habits.

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