Today, Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank come together to join their rich past and legacy to forge a dynamic future. Their strong relationships with over 120 million happy customers are proof of the transformed experience their amalgamation will bring. While they will continue to remain focused on business growth, they will also use this opportunity to create one of the best banks in the country for their employees, partners, and the most important stakeholder of all - their customers.

Power of 3

Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank are established institutions serving the nation and the society at large, with a legacy of 80 – 110 years. The combined synergy of the three banks is aimed at deepening the relationship with the customers by offering wider range of products & services, enhanced network of branches, ATMs and a different banking experience. The synergy is aimed at creating a contemporary banking entity that’s truly Indian at Heart and Global in Scale.

This process of amalgamation promises to leverage the specific skills of each bank and imbibe their best practices. This mega entity has the ability to do more and reach further to fulfil customers with world class offerings backed by robust processes.

The power of 3 became an organic thought for campaign and it came effortlessly from the intent and purpose of dynamic amalgamation. The articulation for it then became an evocative campaign line “Ab Saath Hain Teen, Behtar Se Behtareen” which takes inspiration from the fact that the whole is always bigger than the sum of its parts. That when three great institutions come together, things will go from better to the best.

Frequently asked questions about Amalgamation

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