Complaint can be lodged only against officials belonging to its organisation.The complaint against the officials of other organisation will not be entertained.

    The Vigilance Department need not entertain anonymous/pseudonymous complaints as per CVC guidelines. However, it does not restrict right of the Bank / Chief Vigilance Officer (CVO) to investigate any suspected vigilance matter on the basis of source information. CVO deems it fit to order an investigation into such complaints, the same can be carried out.

    Whenever the complainant for valid reasons requests that his identity be withheld while processing the complaint, this will be ensured by the Vigilance Department.

    Complaints must be brief and contain factual details, verifiable facts and related matters.They should not be vague or contain sweeping general allegations.

    Complaint should be addressed directly to the CVO.

    CVO / Vigilance Department will acknowledge only those letters / complaints which are taken up for investigation.

    Vigilance Department will ensure that the complaints taken up for investigation would be taken to its logical conclusion for the action to be taken.