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Dena Bank apart from normal banking services also offers you the capital market oriented product in the form of Demat account called -Dena Laxmi Demat Account. Dena Bank is Depository participant of National Securities Depository Limited ( NSDL ).since 1997 and is extending Depository services to the Demat Account holders of the Bank.

Dena Bank provides hassle free transactions in the securities through the Dena Laxmi Demat Account.

Need for Dena Laxmi Demat Account

Trading in securities today is permitted by SEBI only in electronic form on the stock Exchanges. Although holding security in electronic form is not mandatory, however for better safe keeping against any natural calamity and to have convenience of en-cashing it at an opportune time it is always advisable to hold the securities in Demat form .Dena Laxmi Demat Account enables the customer to convert the physical securities / shares in electronic form.The securities in electronic form can be transferred just like transfer of funds in your banking account.

Who can open a Dena Laxmi Demat Account

1) A Resident Individual 2) HUF 3) Non Resident Indian ( NRI ) 4) Body Corporate 5) Registered societies 6) Registered Trust 7) Clearing houses 8) Financial Institutions 9) Mutual funds and 10) Clearing Members of Stock Exchanges

Functions and Facilities

• Opening and maintaining of Demat Accounts
• Dematerialisation (Converting Physical security into Electronic form)
• Rematerialisation (Converting Electronic security into Physical form)
• Instant transfers / deliveries of shares / securities
• Settlement of transactions done on the Stock Exchanges
• Affecting changes in Addresses / Bank account details for the investments in various companies with a single request
• Nomination facility available
• Pledging of Security ----- the securities will remain in the account of the pledgor but will only be blocked in favour of the pledgee.
• Freezing and unfreezing of account / only specific security or a specific quantity of a particular security
• SMS alert facility for the transactions in the account
• Statement of account by E-mail.
• View Holding / transaction in the Account on Internet.

Document Required for Opening of Dena Laxmi Demat Account
( If Account opened in Joint names documents required for all the joint holders )
• Copy of Pan Card
• Proof of Identity
• Proof of Address
• Proof of Bank Account ( copy of Bank account pass Book / statement )
• Photograph/s
• Nomination mandate Yes or No. If yes Photograph and signature of the nominee
• Photograph of Guardian if nominee is minor

Documents for proof of Identity

· Valid Passport

· Voter ID Card

· Valid Driving License

· PAN Card with photograph

· MAPIN Card

· Identity Card / document with applicants photograph issued by

§ Central/State Government and its Departments,

§ Statutory/Regulatory Authorities,

§ Public Sector Undertakings,

§ Scheduled Commercial Banks,

§ Public Financial Institutions,

§ Colleges affiliated to Universities (this can be treated as valid only till the time the applicant is a student),

§ Professional Bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, ICSI, Bar Council etc., to their Members; and

§ Credit cards/Debit cards issued by Banks.

Documents for proof of Address

      • Ration card
      • Passport
      • Voter ID Card
      • Driving license
      • Bank passbook
      • Verified copies of
        • Electricity bills (not more than two months old),
        • Residence Telephone bills (not more than two months old) and
        • Leave and License agreement / Agreement for sale.
      • Self-declaration by High Court & Supreme Court judges, giving the new address in respect of their own accounts.
      • Identity card/document with address, issued by
        • Central/State Government and its Departments,
        • Statutory/Regulatory Authorities,
        • Public Sector Undertakings,
        • Scheduled Commercial Banks,
        • Public Financial Institutions,
        • Colleges affiliated to Universities (this can be treated as valid only till the time the applicant is a student) and
        • Professional Bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, Bar Council etc., to their Members.

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Schedule of Charges for Dena Laxmi Demat Account

Schedule of Charges w.e.f from 1st July, 2010

Sr. No

Nature of Depository Activities

Revised Rates w.e.f 1-07.2010


Account Maintenance charges

Rs. 300/- per annum payable upfront

AMC once paid will not be refunded



Rs. 2/- per certificate with a minimum of Rs. 10/- plus actual courier charges with a minimum of Rs. 25/-



Rs.20/- per certificate or Rs. 10 per 100 shares part their of which ever is higher. plus actual courier charges with a minimum of Rs.25/-


Custody Charges

Nil for listed &

Rs.2/- per quarter for unlisted securities held in each ISIN no.No



a) Debit Transaction ( market

and off Market and inter DP


1)For Regular Accounts other than Debtinstruments /Govt Securities 0.030% of market value with minimum of Rs.20/- per instruction and maximum of Rs.450/-per instruction.

2)In case of Clearing Members

a) Transfer from CM A/C to CC A/C Rs. 7.50 per transaction.

b) CC A/C to CM A/C: .015% of market value with Min Rs. 1500/- per quarter max. Rs. 30000/- per quarter.

c) CM A/C to Client A/C: Rs. 7.50per transaction.

d) Inter settlement charges : 0.015% of market value min. Rs. 15/- per transaction

b)Credit transaction


C) Commercial papers/ Certificate of Deposits , MIBOR linked papers

Debt instruments / Govt Securities: 0.026% of market value with Min. Rs.20/- and Max. Rs. 250/- per instruction.


a) Pledge Creation

Rs. 50/- per Instruction/ ISIN

b) Pledge Creation confirmation

Rs. 50/- per Instruction/ ISIN

c) Pledge Closure

Rs. 50/- per Instruction/ ISIN

d) Pledge Closure confirmation

Rs. 50/- per Instruction /ISIN

e) Pledge Invocation

Rs. 100/- per Instruction


Other charges if any

For same day pay-in 150% of regular transaction charges with a minimum of Rs. 50/- and maximum of Rs, 750/- payable (upfront).


Account Freezing and defreezing charges

Rs. 50/- per instruction

Charges are subject to Change at 30 days notice.

1) Rs. 20/- per statement plus courier charges for Additional statement.
2) Rs. 25/- or actual charges, whichever is higher for sending / delivering the rejected demat shares returned by the registrar.
3) ) Cheque Bouncing charges Rs. 100/- per cheque Normal Cheque Return Charges
4) Rs. 30/- per failed debit instructions.
5) Actual Courier charges for any communication to Client at his request.
6) Interest @ 24% p.a. on delayed payment of bills.
7) Service Tax applicable on all charges as prevailing from time to time.

For any type of demat services feel free to contact on :22702880

If you have a grievance or require any information, please send email to with the following details:
Email ID
Telephone no.
Mobile No.
Demat Account No (if any)