Dena SMS Alert Services

are messages that are sent to the customer in form of SMS on occurrence of events. Through this service, an SMS is automatically sent to the customers when a certain event happens (defined by the Bank.


Alert Category

Alert Type


One Time Password (OTP)

Registration of third party beneficiary

Funds Transfer (Third Party within bank & NEFT / RTGS), bill payments


Setting of intenet banking passwords for new as well as existing registered users.


Delivery Channels

Any financial transaction done through ATM and Point of Sale Terminal.


Any financial transaction done through mobile & internet banking.


Internet Banking user activated / enabled / disabled


Branch Transactions

For all customer induced transactions like cash deposits / withdrawals / clearing credit / debits / RTGS / NEFT


EMI alerts 7 days before / 7 / 14 days after due date.


Term deposit renewal before 7 days.


Alert to the customer if he exceeds the DP / limit sanctioned from his CC / OD account.


Cheque returned