फोन बैंकिंग



Phone banking system is the interactive voice response system (IVR System). The customer needs to dial the toll free number 18002336427 to avail this facility


The phone banking application will prompt the customer to enter the ‘customer id’ and the "login password" and based on the option selected by the customer the phone banking system will service the request of the customer. In case the customer wants to do financial transaction, he will be required to enter transaction password also.


The features that are currently available in Phone Banking are given hereunder:


a.    Balance Enquiry of All Accounts


b.    Mini Statement (5 transactions)


c.    Statement of accounts by Email (for any period during last 3 months preceding from current date)


d.    Statement of accounts by Fax (last 9 transactions )


e.    Cheque Status (paid / unpaid)


f.     Stop payment of cheque.


g.    Inquiry about Debit Card Transaction


h.    Fund Transfer (Self A/cs. Within the Bank)


i.      Fund Transfer (Third Party A/cs. Within the Bank)




All the customers of CBS branches can avail this facility. Customers need to submit the Phone Banking application form to Branch .Two passwords will be generated one for doing non-financial transaction-‘login’ password and other for doing financial transaction - "transaction" password. The passwords so generated will be delivered to the branches. The customer needs to collect the passwords from the branches