देना इंस्टा पे

Bank has tied up with one of the leading Bill Payment facilitator i.e Bill Desk - to provide payment of utility bills and other payments through Internet Banking - which was one of the common requirements from our customers / Branches. With this system, customers registered for internet banking can pay their bills and make other payments by just logging into the concerned website of the biller / payee and experience online, secured and convenient mode of payment.


Currently customers can effect online payments for the following broad categories:


  • Telephone (Landline / Mobile) bills
  • Electricity bills
  • Credit Card bills
  • Insurance premia
  • Booking of travel tickets
  • Gas refill charges etc.


New mode of Payment of Bills


The DENA BANK InstaPay service would be offered from the Bank’s website – www.denabank.com. Through this service, the DENA BANK Internet Banking enabled customer is provided with a facility to make payments from his/ her Internet Banking account to various Electricity, Telephone, Mobile, Insurance and Charity organisations across the country. User experience for the DENA BANK InstaPay service would be as follows:

  • Customer visits the web-site of the Bank (www.denabank.com) and ‘selects’ ‘DENA BANK InstaPay’
  • Customer chooses the biller category, state and biller name from a dropdown.
  • Customer is the taken to screen where he/she will be asked to enter required payment details – for e.g. mobile number, amount and due date
  • System validates the data provided and points out errors, if any
  • Customer modifies/ confirms that all the data provided is accurate and then moves on to making a payment
  • Customer taken to the ‘DirectPay’ interface of the Bank and customer confirms the transaction ‘post login’/ validation by the Bank of the Internet Banking ID/ password of the customer
  • Customer completes the payment authorization and returns to the Payment Confirmation page where an appropriate success / failure message is shown to the customer based on transaction status.