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What is RuPay PaySecure

RuPayPaySecure, the e-commerce solution from National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) enables RuPay cardholders to transact online. It not only provides a platform for online transactions but also gives the customers a unique shopping experience. For details on what the solution is about and how to transact using your Dena Bank RuPay card, read on.

1. Key Features

• Highly secure

a. Enhanced security measures in addition to Two-Factor Authentication mandated by RBI
b. Anti-Phishing: Display of a pass phrase and bank themed (Looks exactly similar to the card that the customer is holding) PIN pad
c. Protection against Data Logging: The pad shuffles each time a digit is entered as an additional security measure.

• User friendly:The cardholder has to enter the ATM PIN, no need to remember additional PIN.

• Enhanced User Interface

• Faster transaction processing

2. RuPay PaySecure Registration

A. Inflight Registration

• The cardholders can get themselves registered during a purchase transaction.
• After performing a successful First-time/ Registration transaction, the cardholder gets automatically registered with PaySecure.

B. Direct Registration on bank’s website

• The cardholder can exclusively register without performing a transaction on the issuing bank’s website.

3. RuPay PaySecure Usage

A. First-time/ Registration transaction

• It is mandatory for every cardholder to be registered with PaySecure to avail RuPay E-commerce services.
• Cardholders will be authenticated by Dena Bank using OTP (One Time Password)for the first successful transaction.
• Cardholder will have to enter a phrase and select an image to register his RuPay card for online usage during his first transaction on e-merchants website.
• After image and phrase,valid ATM PIN will have to be entered on a scrambling PIN pad where the digits shuffle after each digit selection for secure PIN entry. (Look of the pin pad page will be exactly similar to the design of the physical card used by the cardholder)
• Upon clicking “Submit”, the cardholder will be notified about the status of the transaction.

B. Subsequent transaction

• In subsequent transactions, the cardholder will have to identify the correct registered image in order to get primary validation and acknowledge the phrase on the PIN pad before entering the ATM PIN. This is an anti-phishing measure.
• In case the cardholder forgets or exceeds the number of attempts for image selection he/she can with re-register immediately (to register new phrase and new image)or wait till next business day for card to be unblocked.
• Cardholder is required to use a valid ATM PIN for authorization of the e-commerce transactions. Cardholder will have to enter PIN on the “bank themed” scrambling PIN pad.
• The cardholder will now be notified about the status of the transaction on submitting a valid PIN.